MP3 Export is shorter

Hey guys,

My main issue is that when i am exporting mp3 at 44.1 the file comes out shorter than the wave.

The process of exporting is:
1.Solo the wave track. Either that is at 16 bit, 32 bit, 44,1, 48 etc.
2.Then i press File-Export
3.When the export menu appears i choose mp3 at 320kbit 44.1KHz.
4.The result of the mp3 is always cut shorter from the wave.
5.To get the same size of mp3 i need to export it at 48KHz.

This process happens with or without external plugins. So even if i just
use only Cubase it still happens.

My system:
Cubase 8.0.5
iMac 10.9.5

I posted this in general as you guys said for a few days but no answer at all.

Please this is an emergency. My job requires to make mp3 loops at 320kbit, 44.1KHz.
I search all over the forum and the internet, finding people with similar problem but no solution
so far. I think it’s a bit silly for a software of this magnitude to be messing up on the mp3 export.

If you can’t find a solution to this problem please if possible offer an alternative.

Thank you

If your issue is not solved yet and you need to get these files done here are two suggestions. Export the Wav file. Follow this link …iTunes: How to convert a song to a different file format It is fairly simple and once you choose your MP3 settings as they do offer 320 bit import the Wav, right click and choose Create MP3 Conversion, then drag the MP3 out . Your Wav remains intact and you can drag that out as well. You could also download a free program called Switch and choose your MP3 settings as it offers 320 bit as well, and easily convert them there. It doesn’t solve the Cubase problem but you won’t lose your job…Good Luck