MP3 export 'Upgrade' broke all exporting

Hi folks,

out of the blue the mp3 export stopped working in my Cubase ai5 which came with my mr8/16x.

The other day A pop up asking for 15$ appeared from some European ecommerce site.
After paying and installing the “upgrade” - ALL EXPORTING IS BROKEN!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
No more wavs, mp3s nothing.

The ‘upgrade’ has ruined Cubase. Without export I cannot use it any more. :cry:

Here is the info.
Order Confirmation
Order Number:
212431*** [Edited]
Order Date: 21/06/2015

How can I fix my daw?
How can I retain my faith in stienberg as a brand when forced “upgrades” that cost money break core functionality?

Not sure what to do now. :cry: :imp: :smiling_imp:


The lotus.

Hi and welcome,

What exactly did you upgraded, please?

I would expect, you upgraded Steinberg MP3 Upgrade Patch, to be able to export MP3, right?

Could you describe more the way, how it is broken? Any message appears, or what happens/doesn’t work, please?