Mp3 export

I have the full version of cubase 7 but do not have the option to export as mp3.
Am I right in thinking I should be able to do this?

I’ve looked into this and got the impression that the full version has this ability, anything less requires a paid for patch.

Any ideas?

If you have the full version you have full mp3 export.

That’s what I thought, but it’s not there.
I’m at work at the moment but when I get back I’ll post a screen shot.

Read the link thoroughly then look at the Cubase export options thouroughly…

Ah, okay… I assume what your saying is that it’s not listed as mp3 on the export options.

I thought I’d taken this into account but maybe I’ve just been a bit thick.

I’ll have a look when I get in. Thanks

Haha… Turns out I was being thick.

All this time I’ve been looking looking for mp3 in the export drop down menu. It never occurred to me to me to check the export audio window, I’m such a div!!