mp3 file disappeared

I was editing a mp3 file in wavelab 6.10(build 340) After havin g saved the file, which had previously already been saved to my laptop, Wavelabe stopped working and error message says windows were checking for a solution to the problem and since nothing happened after a while I cancelled the operation, Wavelabe closed and I re-opened it to resume editing my file. The mp3 file was gone, but the .MRK file was still visible. I searched my laptop for this file with no result. I then found a file with the same name as my edited file and it was laying on the hard drive , but the extension is .~p3. I tried to open this file, with no result. I eventually imported this as a special audio file in wavelab and it opened successfully, but the audio is nothing but the audio is nothing but a loud ssshhhhhhhh noise. The file is also only 22 minutes instead of 1hr 55min long. Where is my file?

I am running Win 7 professional as operating system, 64 bit.