MP3 file with SpectraLayers Pro 7

Just upgraded from Elements to Pro for half the price! Check the Steinberg website. Just tried a stems unmix of a .mp3 file. The result is not very convincing to my taste and I wonder if I should have convert the file to a .wav file before for better results. What do you think?

Robin, ma version est en anglais. Est-ce possible de la changer en français? Et j’espère toujours un manuel/tutoriel en français pour bientôt?
Cela dit, fabuleux logiciel!


Why don’t you just try it and find out?

Well… you are just right! I’ll do that!

Hi Joss, you should rather try to get a high-quality version of your song - a wav file or flac file for instance, but not by converting it from mp3 to wav, as converting to wav won’t magically restore the lost details. Your source file should already be a wav file. You can indeed expect better results when the source material was never compressed.

Oui, on peut changer la langue dans Edit > Preferences > Interface > Language. Il faut ensuite redémarrer SL.
Par contre pas de traduction du manuel pour l’instant… Peut-être pour les prochaines versions.