MP3 Genre ID tag list (Audio Export window)

Could anyone with a few minutes just take a quick look for me here, and see whether this list has now, FINALLY, been alphabetised, please…? Don’t have to do anything, just look…!


(Its the little details I’m crazy about :slight_smile:)

A real quick look for me, please…!?!

Audio Export -> MP3 file type ->Edit ID3 Tag and then click on ‘Genre’ field… what do you see…? One, long, jumbled list of choices, or something resembling a useful, alphabetised list to scroll and choose…?


First 19 are alphabetized, rest are jumbled.

Well, thank you for that guitman. Which means, absolutely no change whatsoever from 6.0.x or 6.5.x :unamused:

Ho hum.

(yes, I can read - there are lots of other, far bigger issues than this right now).