I want to add lyrics to mp3 downloads where ID3v2 would do the trick for this. Since v1 is only available in Wavelab 7, can I have an external editor available for this in Wavelab 7 and incorporate this into Wavleab 7? I’m thinking along the lines of something like adding a plugin to Wavelab or Cubase


Yes, check out WL 7 menu
“Tools > Configure external tools…”

in this dialog > Create new with + plus sign
point to app/program you like to add
create name and check Arguments e.t.c

now WL 7 will start an external app/program from the menu “Tools”
when clicking on apps/program name

this ID3 Editor works with ID3V2

and sure there is more ID3 editors out there for both OSX and Windows

hope it helps

regards S-EH

Thanks S-EH,

I’ll check it out