MP3 import no longer possible

Hi, my Cubase -6 has stopped importing MP3-files. The import dialog brings an error “Datei ist enteder fehlerhaft oder der Medientyp wird nicht unterstützt!”
Meaninf the “The file is either corrupt or the media format is not suported!”

Anybody else?!

Mp3 import is working for me. Download Mediainfo and check if your “mp3” really is an mp3.

I have imported it before. Cubase says this to ALL of my mp3 I own and used for months.


Everything ok here too. You’re not running a trial version somehow…? or a lower ver of Cubase that requires you to purchase the codec separately…? just thinking out loud…

Nope he’s probably got a Elicensor bug…When I was installing C6 retail (after the trial) I have a one month limit om MP3;s and obviously that is expired, so the program (syncrosoft) is probably blocking Mp3 import…hope someone can help you out, I probably have the same issue,although i never ever will have the need to import an mp3…or export for that matter, (wavelab)…So I hope this can get addressed for us! :wink: