MP3 import trouble

Hi all,

Yesterday I was going to add some extra synth parts for a project that is currently being mixed at another studio. In order to make it simple I did what I normally do: Brought an mp3 from the other studio and dropped it in an empty C6 project to play along to it and then bounce my new tracks for insertion in the big project. However, after importing the mp3 there are lots of artefacts ant gliches in the converted wav in Cubase. I never experienced this in C5.5. This time I used Ableton Live 8 that is also installed in my DAW but I’d like to be able to use Cubase instead. Especially now that Halion Sonic LE is there :slight_smile:.

Anyone else experiencing trouble with mp3 import?


It is already in our database (27997) for further investigation.



Thanks for you very fast response, Chris! :slight_smile:

Any update on when this will be fixed?

I have to import MP3s on a daily basis and this is killing me! :imp:

This should be have been fixed