MP3 license and authorization

HI guys
I bought a new computer and a new Tascam US 122 mk2 sound card wich included Cubase LE 5 .I installed and authorized Cu LE5 and that l icense is listed on the elicenser but there I have also a reference to a MP3 codec for wich I need also a license and an authorization.I don’t know how to find this activation code.I went to Mysteinberg to try to find this license because I have also Cubase 5 installed on another computer and there I know I can handle MP3 files.But on My steinberg I have only the possoibility of renewing the license asking reactivation but for that it asks methe old authorization code.But I can’ t find it .What shalI do Can anyone help?

The MP3 codec you’re referring to is the Fraunhofer codec.

It’s license is integrated into the license for full versions of Cubase.

Cubase LE versions (and anything below full), however, only have a trial license included.
You can purchase a full license for it from the Steinberg shop (it’s called the “Steinberg MP3 Upgrade Patch” and is a download product).


You can plug your Cubase 5 dongle into the computer with Cubase LE5 and it may work.

Thks a lot Shinta.I bought the license from the Steinberg site.I didn’t know tha the CU 5 dongle would do the trick but anyway my problem is solved now.Cheers.