MP3 loading strangely

I am enclosing two png files with photos.
The files were renedered in the WL9.
They play properly in WL8.5 and WL8.0.
They sound just like they look on the WL9.

Had the same result both before and after applying the latest WL9 update.

Windows 10/64 bit with all updates.
File in WL9.png
File in WL 8.5.png

I don’t get a problem here. What was the source file bit depth/sample rate?
What encoding did you choose for mp3? Best would be to have a picture of the mp3 encoding dialog.
And if you render to mp3 from WaveLab 8.5, and open it in WaveLab 9… same result?

I’ve had exactly the same problem today. I wanted to check the metadata on an mp3 created in WL 8 and I’ve gotten the exact same type of images.

The sound was overloaded and distorted, and from what I could make out, was playing at twice the speed. The sample rate and bit rate were 44.1 kHz and 16 bits. WL9 shows it at 32 bits.

When I tried to convert a 4416 wav file to a 320k mp3 in WL9, and then open THAT file in WL 9 I got exactly the same distortion. The irony is, though, when I open that (WL9 created) mp3 in WL 8, it plays back fine!

Why can’t WL9 deal with mp3’s all of a sudden?

The only thing I can imagine now, is some problem with the past WaveLab 8.x cache.
When an encoded file is decoded, WaveLab creates, and preserves, a temporary file that is the decoded form of the (mp3, ogg…) file. In WaveLab <= 8.5, the cached file was in 16 bit. In WaveLab 9, the cached file is in 32 bit float.
I think WaveLab 9 mistakenly open an old file in 16 bit, thinking it’s a 32 bit float.
So please do this:

  • Make sure of this:

  • Quit WaveLab

  • Erase this folder:
    C:\Users[YourName]\AppData\Local\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 9\cache
    /Users/[YourName]/Library/Caches/Steinberg/WaveLab Pro 9

  • Launch WaveLab and see if you encounter problems again.

Thanks PG.

It took a couple of trials but it worked for me. The cache folder was originally a temp folder but changing it to what you indicated worked.

Thanks Phillippe!
I was glad to see that someone else had the problem.
I followed the instructions which you provided, and once I deleted the cache of the Wavelab 8.5 and Pro 9ALL WAS WELL.
thanks so much.
It really seems to be very well mannered thus far.
Nice interface, and some great, new features!

Thanks again!