MP3 meta-data variables

Is there an existing variable to have the ID3v2 tag for an album name be the same as the montage name? If not, is there a way to create one? I’ve only found one that will use the Region name. Thanks!


Yes try this:

Thanks for responding so quickly!
I’m actually looking for something to go in the the Album (TALB) field. If I use the @Name@ variable in that field, the rendered mp3’s show up in iTunes as an unknown album.


The 1st question to ask is: is the meta data really written?.. if you open the mp3 file in WaveLab, do you see the meta data ?

The meta data is being written, but the name of the audio file (not the name of the montage) is showing up in the album field.


Yes, this is by design.

Ok, so is there a different variable that will get the montage name into the Album field?

No, there is not. But you could try another approach. For instance, you could set the Album name in the CD Text, and later use that variable for the ID3v2 field.