mp3 plug in

Why after purchasing this program I have to purchase this mp3 plug in for another $16 so I can save more than 20 files??? Why is this not part of the program cost… doesn’t everyone want to save their files?? So this is mandatory or you can use it only 20 times???

Try lame! Glad to see this is supposed to work with Wavelab, cause it doesn’t in Cubase![productfamily]=10

MP3 is not an appropriate format for general “saving” of files; it is purely for distribution and playing in limited-size devices.


Hello, yes, you pay for fraunhofer, but Lame is free. Anyway full WL7 has Fraunhofer for free, I suppose you are on Elements.

For that I would definitely use WAV or FLAC. I usually keep the files as WAVs until I’m ready to burn them to a disc, then I convert them to FLAC so they’re more compressed. :wink: