MP3 saving always showing encoding dialog with different frame rate as file

I used WL 8.5 Pro for years and want to upgrade to 10.
I am really amazed that there is still the same inconvenient process when saving an MP3 file to select the MP3 format.
I have open an 256kbs file and want to save it. The mp3 encode dialog appears.
Why does WL not preselect the bitrate of the file in the dialog? This is really disappointing if there is no solution. (setting a default bitrate of 256kbps will not be an option, I want just click save and that’s it. It will also be ok if the mp3 format dialog will appear, but just confirming it, and done)
Did I miss a setting?

Thanks for a hint


I think that is possibly by design because WL opens the mp3 as a wav file?

Thanks for the reply.
In the File Info dialog WL shows the bitrate, so it would be a big thing to read the current framerate of the selected file/current file and preselect the framerate.
This for sure can be achieved with too much programming effort (I am also working in that business).

Comeon Steinberg, implement this and make a lot users happy :slight_smile: