MP3 Tag Settings not saved with the project

I can’t see a reason why info like title, artist name, genre etc are not saved together with the project. The title of the song and the artistt does somehow belong to the project, right? Instead it remembers the last settings globally, which is nonsense.

So I think this is a bug…

To reproduce:

  • in the export window, set MP3 as export format and edit the mp3 tag
  • save the project
  • open another project
  • open export again, select MP3 and edit the mp3 tag again
  • close and reopen the first project

=> in the mp3 tag it will now show the data of the last project, not of the original one.

Aloha C,

No probs here.

1-After filling out the tag fields (genre, artist, date etc)
I exported a file to MP3 format.

2-I then opened that same mp3 file using the app called: ‘VLC’.
What I found is all that mp3 tag info is there.

I suspect that Cubase may not reset the info fields
(in the export dialog box) between exports.

But the exported file does indeed carry all the mp3 tag info
originally inputted into Cubase.

HTH (hope this helps)

Yes, it’s like this in Cubase 6 too.
@Curteye: The problem is not with the MP3-file, it’s that the Cubase export menu remembers the settings of your previous export, no matter what project you exported. So if you export a song, then open another project and export that, the export fields will contain the data you entered for the previous song.

Not sure if it’s a bug report or a feature request, but it’s annoying either way :sunglasses:
Please save export settings with the project!