Mp3 tagging software

Hey guys I have a ton of Mp3 files that I have to tag and was wondering what your using to do this. I usually only tag a few at a time but this project I’m on will have over a hundred files and was wondering if there was something that can do groups of Mp3’s.


Dman - Can I ask please, how do you tag your things currently?

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I use a free progam call mp3tag (surprise) which works great. It can extract tags from filenames if you want, and you can select a whole bunch of files and tag them simultaneously. It can also embed album art into files etc.

Not used it for a while, but it was great when I needed it.

+1 works great

Yes, it does.

I use this also. Works well. Only use it to re-tag after I’ve left Cubase however.

WinAmp works, too!

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I’ll check out MP3 tag, I saw some of the free programs on the net but am always weary of downloading programs like that without a heads up. I use Cubase or Samplitude for tagging but normally it’s only a few files at a time. I’m hoping there’s something that will do batches because these files are in groups.

Don’t overlook MediaBay, although it’s not ID3 tags.
Of course it depends on why you tag them.
Is it to keep track of your own files locally or is it to tag stuff for the rest of the wold.
If it’s only you for yourself MediaBay can add your own tags which makes your brain happy.

It’s for the rest of the world. I guess I could do them in Cubase as I mix them but I have to go back and id the ones that we finished already because at the time they didn’t know which format they were going to go with…this is 30 hours of narration all broken into many chapters.

Aloha d,

If you decide to go the Cubase route there my be
a few limitations of which you might want to consider.


O yes, that topic deserves a bump!