MP3 Tags Questions

I actually have WL7. Wondering if the following question is more automatable… if not in WL7 then in WL9?

I generate a lot of WAV files in Cubase, which I then open in WL for pre-mastering. Eg. I generate MP3s from each WAV.

Is there a way to include all the tags I want (including the album art) in the MP3 that WL generates? I don’t see that in WL7, but perhaps it’s now in WL9?

I currently go through several steps to generate MP3s for distribution and I occasionally forget to do everything. I want to make this goof-proof.

  1. Mix song in Cubase.
  2. Create MP3 in WL
  3. Create MP3 tags in MP3Tag

I’d like to eliminate step #3 if possible.




Yes, it is possible in WL9 for sure, and it’s very easy. I think WaveLab is the best mastering DAW for this.

You can make a montage preset that transfers all the CD-Text info you probably have to enter anyway (artist name, album title, song title, ISRC code) and other info such as track number/track total and the artwork, and adds it to rendered mp3 (and WAV) files. The render naming scheme allows you to pad the actual file names with 01, 02, 03 etc to define the track number and keep the files in order when in a folder, but that 01 etc. doesn’t appear in the actual metadata which is nice.

It’s very easy. I have a preset already loaded on my montage template so I don’t even have to think about it. When I render mp3 or WAV files, all the ID3 metadata is automatically tagged in the file and the files look as though they were purchased through a professional retailer.

If you still have WaveLab 7, you are long overdue for WaveLab 9 :slight_smile:

Also, for most digital distribution, you need to provide a WAV file (not mp3) but I’m sure you know this. mp3 files are still good to make for client references, personal sharing/promo use, and for those who use the download card services because those usually just host the files you give them and do not do any further conversions.

Hey, Justin.

Landed here because I had the same mp3 tags question but also took a look at your mastering website while I was at it. Your mastering project cost calculator is a nice touch.

Thanks. I’m lucky to have a good friend that is also a good web developer and he created it. We’ve fine tuned it over the years but the calculator combined with the bottom part makes it very easy for receiving new projects without a lot of questions back and forth for both me and the clients. Often times projects will come in without and warning and I have all the files and info I need to get started. It’s like an administrative assistant :smiley:

Now if you could just get it to make coffee… :smiley:

Ah yes, perhaps that’s why I’m not a coffee drinker :slight_smile: