MP3 Upgrade Patch

As I saw in the product page:

Wavelab Elements 9 and Wavelab Pro 9 does not need this, as it’s already included in the price? I’m right?

This is for sure included with WaveLab 9 Pro. I can’t speak for sure about Elements 9. On my machine, Fraunhofer is available in Elements 9 as well but I am not sure if it’s native or just there because I also have Pro installed.

Maybe somebody that only uses Elements can say for sure.

Yes, Wavelab Elements 9 and Cubase 7.5 or higher no longer require the MP3 Upgrade Patch. You can encode to MP3 out of the box.

So as it’s included on both version, it’s rasonable to asume this has been also included on the product price.

So what will happen now that there is no need to pay royalties for this? Will be a discount or reduced price on Wavelab 9?