MP3 VBR Variable Bit Rate - Header Problem

I have a Problem which maybe is not Wavelab but Encoder-related but occurs with Wavelab.

I have to encode Files from Wave to Mp3 for a monthly Podcast. The Format I use is a tradeoff between Filesize and Quality and is: MP3 mono with Variable Bitrate.

With tools like “MP3 Scan + Repair” (OSX) or “MP3 Diags”(Win) I learn that with these Files: “VBR detected, but no VBR header is present”.

Seems to work for most Players but not all.

I get this Info for all Wavelab encoded MP3s (Lame / Fraunhofer // all Quality settings) but not ie with iTunes encoded Files.

Any Idea ?

I get this too.
I generally don’t use Waveab for encoding and use Foobar2000 instead.

Yes, the header is not there or broken. Still missing the V0 or V2 lame presets… The problem with the missing header is: Time doesn’t display correctly in mp3s…


Does it help to downgrade Lame and replace in OS ?

regards S-EH

WaveLab is not writing any VBR header. This is not a mandatory option. However, this would be good to have as an option.

Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out if my initial problem was related to the VBR Header missing as I couldn’t reproduce the errors on my system. (Not playing on iPad / wrong File length display)

I solved my problems by using the Sonnox Fraunhofer Encoder with fixed encoding (CBR) which sound better with low bitrates mono than the Lame (Fraunhofer in WaveLab not going that low for mono files)

Foobar2000 was no option as I’m on Mac most of the time.