mp3s get a .wav file ending

mp3s generated with WL7 (32bit) always end up as .wavs! I run the 32 bit version on my desktop for bridge-free operation with UAD plugins (still waiting for 64 :frowning: ) and WL7 64 on my laptop where the problem doesn’t exist.

I usually change it to .mp3 with WLs file-renaming batch processor and am done. Recently I realized that the apple devices (iPhones, iPods etc.) of my clients are not able to handle pseudo-wavs renamed to .mp3 - that’s a problem!

Anything I could do or is it a bug indeed?

I think you don’t use the proper settings. Do as follows:

Thanks PG, that was it!

I had expected to get a mismatch warning in such a case or WL setting itself to the correct filetype. Is there a special use for mixing File Type + Encoding?

The .wav “container” can include more meta-data info.