MP4 and wavelab 8

I am trying to go back to some old songs i have in my Itunes library and remaster them to make the levels somewhat competitive.

When i import an MP4 into WL all i get is white noise.

Can Wavelab import and work with MP4’s?
If so, can you share with me some advise as to successfully do this?


WaveLab 8.5 will do this.
WaveLab 8 is relying on the quicktime module installed on your computer. This module only works with WaveLab 32 bit. It is recommended to have the latest version installed (on Mac, this is usually the case, but not on windows).

I am running Wavelab 8 64 bit at the moment. I just purchased it last week.
Is there a way to update to 8.5?

WaveLab 8.5 will come in a few days. Please see with your distributor.