MP4 'Invalid or not supported file'

Hi Forum,

I was happily playing with my evaluation copy of CB6 - enjoying some of the new features and looking forward to using them when I ran in to a deal-breaker…

I wouldn’t recognise the MP4 file for the project I’m working on. This is a file which gives no problems when running CB5.5 on the same machine. Is there some sort of tweak I must have done for CB5 that I’ve forgotten about (I know movies were a problem when it first came out - but can’t remember exactly how that got resolved) or is this a problem others are having?

Would like to buy the upgrade, but without the ability to export movies with new audio the workflow is already a bit pants - if I had to keep converting on the way in and out of CB as well - it’s just not supportable.

Any ideas?



Windows 7 64 / i7


Maybe I can ask the question in a different way. In the hopes this may be a me or trial version issue - is there anyone out there able to import mp4 videos (H.264 / AAC) or who experiences a similar problem to mine, that when I try to select this kind of file, the dialogue ‘Invalid or not supported file’ appears in the browser.

As this kind of file is importable in CB5 it seems unlikely that it isn’t in CB6 - but as mp4s are the most practical bridge between Mac/Protools and PC/Cubase without having to convert every cue for director review (multiple times!) clogging up the workflow.



I get the same behaviour when I try to import MP4 files (even if they only contain audio).


Thanks James,

Are you using the trial or full version ( presumably 64 bit on Windows 7 as per your signature)?



Yep - full version running on Win7.

I jumped C5 (went from C4 to C6) so didn’t realise MP4 import was available in C5.

A number of clients tried to give me MP4 files from their Mac systems and then I discovered I couldn’t import them. Had to ask them to convert to WAV - a little embarrassing but they got hold of some freeware thing to do it.

not on C6 yet but on 5, mp4 import seems erratic…I usually get the same error message but then again, some mp4 videos would import fine…I used to convert all video to quicktime, but as I said, occasionally mp4s would just work.


According to page 510 of the CB6 manual, .mp4 files are supported.

It also states “Check the file information of a video file in the Pool. If the information reads ‘Invalid or not supported file’, the video file is either corrupt or the file is not supported by the available codecs.”

The suggestion seems to be if the file will playback in Quicktime 7.1 or higher then it should be compatible with CB6 (does that work for you on CB5 Bumble B? i if not, could be a codec issue). The original Cubase 5 was dire for video but I seem to remember an update fixed it - and 5.5.2 is the same version I use (although I’m not running it in bootcamp).

I don’t think that Cubase stores any codec information within its programme folder that would explain why the same file produces different responses from CB5 & CB6 - but unless there’s a bug, that would seem the only logical explanation.

OK - even more curious: now it’s working!??? :confused:

I haven’t added any more software or rebooted. The steps I took were (post installation and the inability to load mp4s) to reopen the project in CB5 instead to finish a revision on a cue. Then I had to work on a library track (no video) so I figured I’d use that to try out CB6. Just before I kicked off I’d replied to the previous post and thought I’d check out opening mp4s in the Pool (in case it made a difference compared to using the file menu). No more ‘Invalid or not supported file’ warning.

So I opened the CB file that wouldn’t load the MP4 previously and it opened fine???

No idea why it has suddenly decided that my mp4s are valid and supported - but pleased that it has. Whether reopening in CB5 altered a registry entry or something remains a mystery…