MPC Beats / Cubase Recording


I am relatively new to MIDI/VST as I used to just use audio (old skool!) I have now just installed MPC beats and use an akai mpk mkII. I can see MPC beats as a VST in cubase and can programme a drum pattern fine in MPC beats…however I have no idea how to record that in cubase? I click record on cubase and it plays the beat but doesnt record anything on cubase? Annoying!

Any help gratefully received!


I’m not an expert but… First of all, that’s the expected behaviour - Beats is working as an instrument on its own track. You do your work in the Beats (plugin) interface and when you start playback in Cubase, Beats plays back your programming.

To record its output into an audio track, take a look at the following post:

This explains how to record the output of one track onto another audio track. In the second instruction, right-click on the MPC Beats track and select Add Track > Group Channel to Selected Channels (I think the menus may have changed since the post was written).
Follow through the rest of the instructions and you should get your beat recorded onto the audio track. If you want to listen while recording, click the monitor button on the audio track.

To record a new part in Beats, i.e. add more midi events to the Beats programme, open up the Beats plugin and hit record. Nothing will happen until you hit Cubase’s play button, at which point Beats will start playback and will record your performance.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Nic - understood! Appreciate your help