Mpc Renaissance stuttering and loosing sync

In windows 7 64 using Cubase 8 8.0.3 64 bit . Never had an issue previously with the program running inside of Cubase as a plugin.
Now in the last couple of days I have noticed sluggish and glitching behavior when I open up the MPC GUI.
Both of the projects were made recently.
My CPU load meter shows a little more than a quarter of my resources are being used.

My CPU is running at 3.8 ghz and I’m using 16gb ram.


I am having horrible sync issues when running the MPC software (with the Akai Touch) on Cubase 8.5.15 running 64bit on Windows 10. Any time I load a plug-in it falls completely out of sync and I have to stop/re-start playback to get it back in sync.