MPD32 as a controller in AI 5

Can anyone give me some insight on how to use my MPD32 to trigger MIDI in Cubase? Right now the MPD is not transmitting any data to Cubase and I’m not sure why.

Has anyone used an MPD32 with Cubase successfully? How did you set it up?


And how did you set yours up…?

I wasn’t able to do much of anything. It’s meant to be plug and play so when I plugged it in and the provided Vyzor software didn’t recognize it and then I opened Cubase and saw that it wasn’t transmitting MIDI data so I searched around the internet and found that one workaround solution was to re download the firmware and direct your MPD to that firmware so that Windows can recognize it, but I was interested in finding out what other people had done and if there was some kind of bug in Cubase that had to be worked around that someone else had uncovered.

Any suggestions?

I’m running Windows 7 64-bit on a Macbook Pro NTFS partition btw

In the Getting Started manual, there’s a section on setting up a MIDI device. Where does it go wrong for you?