MPD32 makes Sample Rate change.

Hi Guys/Gals,
Wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
My Akai MPD32 makes Cubase default back to 44.1. I have to unplug the MPD32 USB cable to get any other sample rate. I also use SoundForge but it is not affected. It deaults as soon as Cubase launches, with no Project yet loaded. Changing the MPD32 preset (even generic) does not help. I’m stumped. Any suggestions would really be appreciated.

I can test that the next days… I’ve got an MPD32 too, but as I normally work with 44.1 I didn’t experience the problems yet…

Thanks erdwandler, let me know what you find.

Hi Itrain,

Yesterday I made several tests and didn’t find any strange behaviour!
I set sample rate to 96 kHz (obviously in one project), closed Cubase, reopened it, checked sample rate under Device Setup, it was still 96 kHz, opened the testproject, still 96 kHz. switched to 44.1 and testet back and forth several times. No Problem.
I had connected the MPD32 all the time.

!!! I use OSX 10.6.7 !!! please enhance your signature under MySteinberg/Forum to know your system specs and be able to test the problem better…

Hi erdwandler,
Man I gotta figure this thing out! I’ve checked everything in my system (I think). I’m currently using…

  1. Asus P5w w/Rosewill FW card (Win XP)
  2. Steinberg Midiex 8
  3. TC Electronics SK48
  4. TC Powercore
  5. Mytek Converters
  6. Motif

Pretty simple setup. See anything suspicious?

sorry, man… no idea.
not even an assumption…

Hope this helps somebody.

When I configured the MPD32 in Device Setup>Midi Port Setup, I didn’t have my Motif on. So I inadvertently assigned the MPD32 to the Motif ports, so the two devices were fighting for clock dominance. (ok, so I’m a little slow)

So… When configuring midi ports, have all midi devices on, including any ‘non-instrument’ software that uses a midi port (like scribble strips, meters, ect.)
Also!!! You may have to close Vyzex before starting Cubase. For some reason it interferes with my TC Electronic SK48’s internal clock.