MPD32 not working with Cubase 8

Hi guys!! I am new to this forum. Is there anyone out there that has Cubase 8 or 7 working properly with an Akai MPD32 drum pad?? I have installed it as a generic remote, picked the mpd32 on the in and out under generic remote, and also imported an XML file (that I had to find online, did not find one on akai site). When I put the akai mpd32 on preset number 3 (the Cubase preset) nothing works. No transport functions or anything. Am I missing something, or is it just that these 2 products do not play well together? I know this is an old and popular drumpad and was hoping that it would work seeing as how it comes with a Cubase preset :frowning: . If anyone has these 2 working together please point me in the right direction, and even if you could not get them working and I am wasting my time please let me know as well. Thanks