MPE-controller isn't working as expected (Pitchbend range issue)

Hello, Steinberg! I’m using C10 Pro with Roli Seaboard Rise 49. Roli has it’s own Dashboard, where I can define pitchbend range.
In midi input devices I have two variants for Roli (one as note expression device). If I set input to note expression variant of Roli device, pitchbend range works unexpectedly. No matter what range I define in Roli’s Dashboard, it always something about ±12. And, no changes when I’m changing pitchbend range In note expression device settings tab in Cubase

I’ve encountered this exact same issue, also with Pro 10 and ROLI Seaboard Rise 49. MPE implementation in Cubase Pro 10 is a joke! There are other issues with this “feature” as well. It was the main reason I “upgraded” from Pro 8.5, and boy am I disappointed. The Seaboard Rise 49 works better in Note Expression without the idiotic MPE variation.

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I’m finding this to be not really a “range” issue with pitchbend, but a pitch calibration issue, which is something much more unmusical and therefore unusable.
Here are my findings with Note Expression set up the same way for each instance:
I’m using ROLI’s own “Equator” as the MPE capable instrument, as well as UVI Falcon (for which I designed the factory MPE presets for the latest version of this incredible instrument!). I get the same results with either instrument sounding and regardless of which patch is used.

Using the normal input “Seaboard Rise 49”; everything works perfectly fine, as it has in previous Cubase versions. Pitchbend works exactly as expected.
Using the input “Seaboard Rise 49 (NoteExp)”; pitchbend calibration is seriously off. Specific example: If I glide up one octave, say from C3 to C4, when my finger arrives at C4, the expected pitch is C4 of course. But using the “(NoteExp)” input version of the Seaboard, performing the exact same gesture, when my finger arrives at C4, instead of hearing the pitch C4, the pitch has instead only glided as far as F3. Another similar example: Gliding up two octaves from C3 to C5, when my finger arrives at C5, instead of hearing pitch C5, I hear a pitch close to A#3. This is entirely musically unacceptable! :imp:

I’ve tried changing the MPE settings in the ‘Studio Setup/ Seaboard Rise 49 (NoteExp)’. None of the different settings corrects this behavior. I tired changing settings in the Note Expression setup box, but that also has no positive effect on this situation.
Besides the fact that the new MPE settings in the Studio Setup are not well explained in the owner’s manual and are confusing to say the least, MPE capable instruments work perfectly fine with Note Expression using the standard input. and works incorrectly when the “(NoteExp)” version is activated.

I have the impression that Steinberg has never properly tested this feature with a Seaboard, and/or has no idea how actual musicians would use this feature in real music.

If you go into Studio / Studio Setup / MIDI you can configure each dimension of note expression (press, glide and slide in Roli terms). When it comes to glide (Horizontal/X in Cubase terms) if you untick “use for tuning”, this sorts out the pitch bend range/calibration problem.
I’ve no idea why it’s broken when ticked, or unbroken when unticked - I just tried it and it worked :slight_smile:

Thanks aventham77. I’m not sure how you found this but I’m very glad you did.

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