MPEG-4 Video on PC?

I’m still running Nuendo 3 on a PC Windows XP and Quicktime Pro 7

I am unable to use MP4 Video Files in Nuendo but can play them back with Quicktime.
I end up converting them on my Mac.
Not a HUGE deal for 60 second ads but I am starting a new Film project and need to figure it out.

I am planning to update to Nuendo 5 now.
Is this going to fix the problem or do I have something else going on that needs to be addressed?

I have read the “How to encode videos for Nuendo 5” tutorial.
Just not sure if that is my issue with N3.


Sometimes you have to ask a question to figure it out for yourself!

I didn’t have “Quicktime” selected as my Video playback…was using Direct Show.
I SUCK at troubleshooting on PC…

Hopefully this will help some one else

I would still re-encode to Photo J-Peg, even if you’ve got things to work at the moment. I’ve never had problems using that codec, apart from the good old days, when Quicktime didn’t work at all. :unamused: