MPK249 issues

Hi there. I hope someone can help. I recently purchased An AKAI MPK249.Upgrading from their MINI MKII. In short and after countless times of
having to set up the controller every time i turn it off. i’m looking for the reason and the solution as to why this happens.

I follow the set up exactly…the correct menus and selections and downloading and importing the xml file etc. The folks at AKAI have confirmed this (having sent videos of the process) When i install/import everything. It mostly all works fine…except the tempo track light…but
the transport panel, arp faders etc activate and can be used. The problem i have is when i turn off the MPK249. The “settings” have not been
stored/saved as it where and i am back to square one EVERY time i turn on the device. Other than the Cubase preset that glows in the LCD screen upon
power up there is No transport panel, arp or faders working …yet in the device/studio set up the MPK249 port A is visible in the input and output boxes.
I’m very confused and frustrated and have been in contact with AKAI for the last few days.

The most recent response saying that it may be something in my settings in Cubase. I’ve spent the evening looking at tutorials and trying to apply
changes to my settings (Cubase Elements 9.5) and before switching off the device i actually sat down for a while and enjoyed the machine for the
first time. Fearing that upon powering off the settings (if that’s the right word) might be gone when turning on again. And alas. they are. i’m
sitting staring, as i write, at the 249 in the cubase setting ready to throw in the towel. Can anyone help? like i say and in summary everything
(mostly) seems to work well when installing/importing. when i turn it off
and then on it all goes back to scratch. nothing is synced, saved or working. Though i forgot to say the keys and pads have always worked.


Is it a duplicate of this post?