anyone going next Friday ?

steinberg are doing a seminar and I wonders what’s with the total black box in the advert ??? oohhhhhhh lets guess shall we

It’s not totally black :wink:

close enough for me

if I don’t get a free Steinberg mouse mat i’ll cry !!!

Everything is beginning to make sense now. :mrgreen:

Oh, btw, it is a cubase 7 update. Have a look in the other thread.

yes ive seen that , quite a major update as well by the looks of it , my pants are shaking in anticipation :wink:

Looking forward to next Friday to see what the music industry technology is up to this year and of course one can’t miss out on the Steinberg seminar :slight_smile:

Well we look forward meeting you there :slight_smile:

And we have a bag of Cubase mugs and mouse pads right at the booth!

See you there,

Oh excellent see you next Friday :smiley:

Ooh, what do I have to do to get a Steiny mug and mousepad other than go to MPS?

Just looking for a ticket, 200euro… expensive mouse pad :smiley:
Will show up next time in Germany.


just leaving , hopefully it should be a good one . @Strophoid , mouse mats for sale later £150 each , mugs £30 each :wink: :laughing: :laughing:

I’ll have 3 of each :sunglasses:

hhahahah believe it or not … there was not three , bless his cottons socks Helge Vogt was working full tilt will technological issues were happening in the seminar but do I care ??? NO IVE GOT MY MOUSE MAT AND TSHIRT :wink:
hick and 12 pints of over inflated larger :wink:

Oooh the jealousy :imp: :laughing:

im not trying to rub it iin but … bugger , I couldn’t get a mug :wink:

Hah, no mug, sucks to be you.

cries in a corner

you would not believe how long ive longed for a Cubase mouse mat ( 1994 ) so im going to frame it along with the tshirt and hang them on the wall ; -)

Enjoy 'em :wink: