MR 816 audio dropouts in Ableton Live 9 - OS 10.8.2...??

The Steinberg 816x is a beautiful piece of hardware. The inputs sound awesome, and the output is just about as clear as my benchmark DAC1. I bought the 816 because I needed multiple outs for DIN-sync, but unfortunately I cannot run my files in LIVE 9 without continuous audio dropouts. I know the driver must be the issue because they run absolutely fine with my Benchmark.

So, I have gone through the extensive troubleshooting page that Steinberg has listed. I have literally done everything there. The only left I can think of is to drop my OSX down to 10.6.3 as I still have that installation DVD and then upgrade to 10.6.8 and see if that runs with an older driver.

Other than that, do I have any options? If I can’t get this to go I’m gonna have to sell this on ebay and start over audio interface wise, which is a shame as this was all set up to be my INS and OUTS :frowning: Thanks for anyone’s help!