Mr 816 csx stopped sound, just clicks and pops

Hey guys, never posted before, well, never had a bizarre problem like that before, especially cuz i have an important work that it needs to be ready in 4 or 5 days and i am really in panic cuz dont know what to do!!!
Here it is, i use a MR 816 csx for the last 2 years without any problems. But today, for reasons i dont fully understand, the interface is not making any sound at all!!!. Its switched on, Windows is recongnizing it, sonar also, cubase also. Everything is normal, except from that fact tha no sound comes out!!! And ist not only in the “DAWs”, my mp3 archives thru Window Media player ar not playing also. No sound at all, but it seems it “tries” to play and it chokes, cuz, if i let a song playing, now and then i can hear some clicks and pop!!! But not the music, just the clicks an pops every 10 seconds maybe…
Anyone ever had that problem???

Haven’t had that same problem but just wondering if it happens on a fresh project in both sonar and cubase. have you gone to device manager to inspect setup yet? Have you updated drivers/firmware/MR tools on 816?

This was sent to me via support for an issue I had ( see links below). What fixed my problem was update then running “ysfwutility” located in utility folder. I had to change IEEE1394 buffer size from default to large and it fixed my problems (I had Dropouts). After each change in this utility you must restart computer. I suggest only one change at a time too :slight_smile:

This is basic stuff but just in case here it is[keyword_search]=MR816

Good luck and let me know as I am sure I can help further if needed