MR 816x inserts as returns

I want to use the MR816x 1/2 inserts as inputs (bypassing the MR816x pre-amp)

Now if i put my Digisnake TRS all the way in, weird enough I do have a signal, but the harder i drive it the softer it gets, if i put it half way in (till the first click) the digi tip touches the correct strip on the insert and it works. The connection is quite sturdy and there is no crackling or anything.

2 questions here:

-Why do i still get signal (though faulty) when i insert the plug all the way?

  • is it ok to use a balanced TRS connection this way? half way in? my levels are fine, so no issues there, or should i replace the TRS with a TS plug?

I believe your line in using the halfway in method would be unbalanced. But in the back of a rack with short runs it should be okay. I think you would have to use an insert cable and use the “return” cable only. Or, do what you’re doing because in a rack it won’t get jostled about. This is similar to getting direct out on a Mackie mixer. Push the cable in to the first click only. The second click doesn’t work, so it’s the opposite of what you’re doing.