Mr 816x link functions and headphones not working

Hi everyone
I’ve just bought a new mr816x. unfortunately it’s not running like it should! and I’ve already spent hours trying to find a solution (and yes, i read the whole manual!). I need help!!

It seems as if all the link functions that should combine the mr816 with cubase don’t work.

I have Cubase5.5.3 32bit and Mac OSx 10.8.2 (MountainLion)

When using the mr816x without cubase but with the mr-editor everything works fine and I can turn on the headphones.

However, when using it with Cubase, there’s no headphones-signal. When opening the “device->audio hardware setup-> headphones” it sais "no select (mute). there’s no sound on the headphones. But the monitors on output channel 1/2 work.

The next problem is that I can’t use the plugins such as “rev-Xhall”. It always sais “not available”. I know that I have to switch the “digital I/O, external fx” from “ADAT” to “External FX”. However, when I do that it would always sitch back to “adat” after a few seconds.

Next thing is that the Quick connect buttons don’t work. there’s no light and I can’t change anything by pressing those buttons.

Last thing I’ve noticed so far is that when i have no “hardware” option in the extended mixer of my cubase. so i can’t make a controll-room option as said on page 17 of the user’s manual.

I figure that this is a problem with the link funtions that are not working. i could uninstall “mr-extensions” an use my mr816 as any other interface but then i wouldn’t have needed to buy a steinberg mr816…

I’m happy to get some feedbacks and suggestions!!
thx a lot!

Hi mesquisto. With regards to the headphones, do you have the monitoring button on/off for the headphone problem?

thx for the answer.
I’ve tested with and without monitor button. i’ve tested pretty much everything. i’ve been working with cubase for about 7 years and I know that something is definitely not normal.
I guess it’s something wrong with the driver of mr816x (i have the newest one…)…

I hope someone knows what’s wrong with my mr-extensions…


Hi Mequisto.
Maybe this will help: Go to Device Setup, click on Yamaha Steinberg FW and check if Direct Monitoring is enabled. If not, enable it.

I’ve already done that as well…
I think it really must be something deeper that doesn’t work. Software wise…
I wonder if anyone operating with cubase 5.5.3 and mac osx 10.8.2 mountainlion has succeeded in using the mr 816x “normally”…
Thx anyway!

Did you install the latest Tools for MR816? Version 1.7.3 ensures compatibility with Mac OS 10.8.
You can find it here:

yep. i have the latest driver (1.7.3). with the older one the computer didn’t recognize the interface.
i’ll try reinstalling cubase. maybe this will work. i really don’t know what else to do…

hi everyone
last week i could get my steinberg mr 18 work normally.
i installed core audio2 asio update again and it worked!

it seems that after my computer broke down and i booted up from time machine, the core audio2 update wasn’t installed anymore and i didn’t realize…

anyway, now everything’s perfect!

here’s the link to the update