MR 816x noise or hum


I have purchased the MR816X. I use it for the ADAT output to my Pro Tools 002 only. I do not use Cubase. I am experiencing trouble with inputs 1 and 2. Recently was hired to record a Tommy Talton performance at a local club. The Club had a 16 channel Mackie board with no direct outputs. I pulled the signals from the Mackie send port by going 1 click in instead of 2.

Getting heavy static 60 cycle hum. Tried the Hi-Z switch to no avail. Used Hum-x and 2 prong adapters to try to break the ground noise. No luck. All inputs into my DIGI 002 worked just fine. Only through the MR816x do I get this problem.

Now…back in my studio I tried to connect my Kurzweil K2661 keyboard to the MR816x. Same trouble with noise-hum. Plug into my DIGI 002 and no noise. Tried the Hum-x, 2 prong adapter, Hi-Z switch, different cables, special mantras to the audio Gods, all to no avail. Plug the Kurzweil into my DIGI 002 and works just fine.

Using Light Pipe to carry signal to the 002.

So…whaaaaaaaazup with this unit?

Ping Pong

Hi there, it could be the power adapter .as i had a problem with hum and it turned out to be the power unit, i don’t know how but i got a replacement from steinberg ,maybe send them an email .