MR and C8 Compatibility?

I had my first session yesterday with Cubase 8 and my MR816csx. I experienced more and more dropouts as the day progressed, and at the same buffer setting where Cubase 7.5 seems to run just fine (256 samples). At one point, the dropout was permanent, all sound being stopped, despite the fact that Cubase continued to run and respond normally (except for no sound) and no indication of the hardware driver stopping. I closed and reopened Cubase without rebooting, and the sound was working again. The performance meter offered no help, indeed, there was virtually no indication of stress on the system, with the meters both just barely bumping above zero.

I haven’t tried the various suggestions for improving performance. Later today, I hope. Just an early report and question. Anybody else having issues with C8?

I’ve noticed better performance although upgrading to C8 also coincided with using the new Win8 legacy firewire driver.

Maybe it’s a plugin incompatibility? I experienced the problem you described on Cubase 7.5.3 when I ran Halion and Razor (a Reaktor ensemble) at the same time. When the sound went then, the only way I could get it back was by restarting the MR816csx and reloading Cubase.

I’ve done some optimizing (trashing preferences, etc.) and more testing. It’s definitely a problem in Cubase 8. I’m getting dropouts and glitches with just one track and no plugins. Cubase 7.5 is running fine on the same machine, same hardware, same drivers, same settings, etc.

I’ve got some sessions upcoming, so I’ll just stick with 7.5 for now, unfortunately. I can’t afford to have my clients worrying about my system.