MR editor problems

My MR editor has been glitchy for some time now. The channel strip has stopped working. It’s frozen. The reverb still works tho and the sliders etc.
Also there is no sound when I play a mono file. If I open the mono file in iTunes it will play.
I thought perhaps the Mac updates where causing the issue, but I have done several updates and nothing has changed.
Anyone have any ideas?

I am running MR816csx
TOOLS for MR V1.7.8 for Mac
Yamaha Steinberg FW driver V1.7.5
Steinberg MR Editor V1.6.5
Steinberg MR Extension V1.7.8
macOS Mojave
MacBook Pro 2017
3.1 GHz Core i7
16GB 2133 mHz LPDDR3