Mr Guillermo

Thank you for your response to us users!

I was fixing to think on jumping ship because I felt the thousands of dollars spent with Cubase was being wasted with nothing to benefit the users such as myself.

After reading your letter I am able to understand a lot more about how you guys feel and how you do your best to implement things that you feel would work. I got to a point where I felt Cubase was a bunch of robots churning out simply edits for 50 bucks and now I feel much more like your my brothers struggling to get a product which pleases most users.

I apologize for being so harsh on a few threads and will continue to support with my money as long as I feel there is a human on the Steinberg end :slight_smile:

I have to admit though, the marketing seems a bit shady offering supposedly new things that are not. I’ll just have to give the benefit and see where 9 heads.

Such as…?

Search the forums and you will start to see. Mainly stuff we have made easier to use I suppose.

Oh well, love the listening to us idea!!!

Well, that ain’t going to happen… thought you had some real examples in mind… turns out its just trash talk… Fine. I’ll move on now…

Your laziness is not pertinent to my thread. Cubase users seem to have a common trait.

You search forums to create drama, but won’t look to see the issues. Your a true gs member. Good riddance

Someone who states just trash talk while being in an open forum full of threads crated because of issue asking me to point a single problem is pedantic and a time consumer!

Please, add me to your ignore list as I’ve eliminated must folks of your mentality.