MR Tools being discontinued for 64bit OS Questions.

With the last Tools update on the MR series. I’m trying to work out if this effects Cubase 10 to MR Interaction.
I use the MR with Firewire to a Firewire to Thunderbolt 2 dock on Mac under Mojave. I can understand the MR Editor being 32bit being discontinued for Catalina and other 64bit OS’s but will we still be able to set the MR’s hardware DSP processing via Cubase?

I believe Mac OS has already discontinued native FW support so presumably it’s the Steinberg FW driver which still passes signals to Thunderbolt. Will this continue to work under 64bit on Macs?

And I could not find a statement from Apple that FW support is dropped. :wink:

It doesn’t appear to be, see