MR Version 1.7.4 Update Issue?

Installed upgrade on Cubase 7.0.1 (64bit) host. OS Windows 7 (64).
VST Performance Meter shows the Disk Cache Load pegged at 100%…even when nothing is playing back.
Prior to the update, there wasn’t any indication on the meter at all. Windows Performance Monitor shows disk activity at 1% Highest active time.

NOTE: I run my system without any page-files. Perhaps that is was is making it appear to peg?
When I look at process explorer, my system is basically idling while playing back a project with 4 Midi/VSTs and 10 analog tracks with 32 samples in the ASIO buffer setting. CPU never goes over 33%. I have 32GB of ram and only use 5 GB during the whole execution. Disk activity just barely registers.

IS this normal behavior for the meter, or a bug?

UPDATE: I added page-files to the OS Drive and the Project drives and it didnt change the meter from pegged.

Hmmm, I ordered C7 to upgrade from C6.5 with my MR unit and Win7 (64Bit). Very similiar situation. I’ll be curious to see what happens. I’m holding off installing C7 until the next update which should be coming out by mid-February. Thanks for bringing this up.

For me, it works perfectly with the new driver. All problems fixed. Thx Steinberg !

@GeoMax: Had this problem once already 2 weeks ago. Watch out for group tracks which all of a sudden changed type from group track to a normal track… In the mixer you can see this easily at the fader caps colour… This was the problem in one of my projects - once the misleaded track had been deleted, everything went back to normal…

Thanks for the heads up. I actually was having that problem and figured out what i did that was making the Group track become a regular track…I loaded a track preset that I had saved on a regular vocal track. I could recreate it a bunch of times. I have not tried making a group track preset, but I would think that if it were going to transform the track, it should either warn you or not be visible as an option.