MR816 and CC121 updates?

Hi, nobody noticed these updates?

This relates to C7 how? :confused:

Well maybee all the reported issues like no EQ control in the CC121 or the problematic rev-x control of the mr816 in C7.

And by the way…that’s not an answer to the question! :smiling_imp:

Thanks for the ‘heads-up’. I might have missed that otherwise. Not everyone has the time to read through every forum every day, and Steinberg doesn’t seem to bother with prompt e-mail notifications on a regular basis.

does anyone no if the eq’s work on the 121 as they should with this c7 update ?

:smiley: its a new installer… the EQ works again!! (CC121)

Wish the eq on the cmc unit was fixed.


same as , i spoke to a rep in helskini last night and he says "we are working on it " zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz