MR816 and windows 10 works ?

Hi all…
im still on Windows 7, and now that cubase 8 is out and the Aero is a must, cubase menu fonts are very ugly and hard to read.
i see also microsoft give win 7 users free update to windows 10…
has anyone upgraded to win10 and tried it with MR816 (or anyother firewire audio interface) ?

i rememberd some forums says windows 8 not supporting the Legacy firewire driver which MR816 needs !!
probably windows 10 wont too… any workarounds that work well ? ( we all know MR816 are very picky !! )

MS have recently released legacy firewire drivers for Win 8.1 Maybe they’ll keep it going for Win10?

OK… thanks :slight_smile:
i saw some forums and one of them an administrator of RME told the users that probably MicroSoft won’t let Legacy driver any resources and MS won’t listen to companies like RME…
well im glad he was wrong and that Microsoft do listen to the needs of their users
in the article it says that this Driver will be used for next windows updates too!! (hopefully it work good with MR816 and windows 10)