MR816 and Windows 10

Any statement from Steinberg as to whether the MR816 drivers are compatible with Windows 10?

Steiny says they’re about to begin testing. Seems late, but then they usually end up supporting new OS’s WAY sooner than any others. UAD, for instance still only officially supports Windows 7! That’s inexcusable, IMHO.

I’d be interested in anybody’s test results.

I was having firewire issues with Windows 10. Yesterday final version for Windows released and it solved all the problems. MR816X works like a charm for me on Windows 10 with a Texas instuments pci firewire card.

Just dont switch sample rate :slight_smile:

Firewire fix for W10

Well, from the content it appears to be a fix for Windows 8 (only).

@Steinberg: I still have dropouts with the MR816 on Windows 10 even with a generic usage scenario (outside Cubase) as my soundcard solely, e.g. during web radio/spotify streaming (edit: as well as playing local audio sources, e.g. iTunes) etc…

As far as I’ve understood the official statements so far, there will be an driver/sound tools update within the near future once the final testings are done, right? Is this expectation a valid one?


I’ve got the Steinberg Knowledge Base article bookmarked for this, as the MR816x is the last piece of hardware I own that is keeping me from attempting to upgrade my Win 7 DAW PC to Win 10:

It just says release date TBA (and the page hasn’t been updated since August 27). Since I use neither Cubase nor WDM, I may just give it a try anyway with the ASIO drivers in Reaper, which supposedly are not plagued by the sample rate change issues.

On the other hand, I might be better off to leave well enough alone, as the offline DAW is working fine, and I have had issues in the past getting the FW to work, even in Win 7…

I just think almost 2 months after Win 10’s official release there should be something more than a “TBA/we’re are working on it”.

On the other hand, it’s nice to see that some things in live always stay the same (started off with Cubase PC 2.8). :mrgreen:


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Hi, there.

I’m having a problem with my MR816x - I’ve upgraded to Win10 - both notebook and PC.
On notebook I’ve got a ExpressCard with VIA chipset and everything works perfectly.

However on my PC, I bought a new FireWire PCIe card with TI chipset. I connected the MR816 - the device is recognized, I can see it in Device Manager, all drivers seems to be working without issue, I can see the device in the MR Editor and I can control it - routing, reverb, everything. However the DAW input is not working - so I can’t use Cubase, nor Windows for sound output.

I have tried to reinstall everything, from driver to MR Tools, but without any change. So I though that the problem might be with the chipset compatibility, so I bought another PCIe FireWire card with VIA chipset and the device was working perfectly.

Until I needed to make a recording in the field, so I disconnected the device from PC and connected to notebook via ExpressCard. The recording was ok, so I returned the device back to PC - since then there is no input comming from DAW in the MR Editor, the same situation as in the beginning.

So I just disconnected the device, used with notebook and connected back to PC.

Any suggestions, what this can be related to?

Thank you.

Hi psmekal,

unfortunately I can’t help you with your problem. :neutral_face:

Is there someone from Steinberg who is entitled to give us an update on the current timeline?


I am also waiting on updates for the MR816 to support Windows 10. I worry this is going to become another piece of abandoned hardware from Steinberg. If that turns out to be true, I am switching to RME for good. MR816 was a good deal considering the quality of the mic pres and Cubase integration compared to the price, but RME has support for Windows 10 for over a month now. The whole cheap-o UR line is updated for Win10, but premium gear like the MR is not?

I’m getting really nervous, because a) no communication except of a FAQ-entry ("…release date tba) and b) only “issues with sample-rate changes” are officially confirmed.

So I’m afraid my dropout issue will be assigned to “some other cause” anyway.


is someone can post a download link for FW legacy driver for Win10 ? cant find any !!

This might be a place to start, from MS support:

This is for W8 and 8.1, and though I have heard it also works for W10, I have only heard this 2nd hand and cannot vouch for it.

It sounds like Quasar may be right. I found a link to the original MS blog post ( and it specifically says “Customers who upgrade to a newer OS version in the future will be required to reinstall this standalone driver package.”

Based on that language it sounds like the driver from the KB article should provide the signed legacy FireWire driver but clearly based on the info in this thread there are issues with the MR816’s and Windows 10 (and also OSX 10.11 El Capitan from what I’ve seen in other threads).

I for one am also very nervous at this point. I invested in 3 MR816CSX’s for my project studio and I am really hoping Steinberg/Yamaha will continue to support them with new driver updates. If they do not keep supporting the hardware with new drivers I agree with omniphonix that these will be my last Steinberg hardware purchase and I will look into RME in the future when I decide to purchase new interfaces.

Lets hope they realize how many customers they are going to screw over if they don’t get on the ball with updated drivers because in the end it will only end up hurting them in the long run.

already downloaded the legacy driver from here FireWire port-based device does not work correctly in Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 - Microsoft Support
didnt try it yet with MR816 yet. still on projects with my UR44. ill check it later and will report.

anyway i have noticed that when upgrading from win 7 to win10 all my windows setting reset. i disabled some devices to reduce DPC and let MR816 run smoothly on my win7 system, so maybe guys having troubles should check again their system after upgrading

Already “re-installed” them.

Why the “re-in…”? Because nothing obvious changed in the device manager when comparing before and after. This is not that surprising, though, because my current Win 10 installation is a direct descendant of my original Windows 7 setup (did a 2 times upgrade). :wink:

Bad: The dropouts are still there.
Not as bad: But as long as there IS the “…release date tba” displayed on the Win 10 compatibilities site, there’s hope.
Good: tbd


I’m the (not so) proud owner of 2 MR816s. I felt Steiney screwed us all when their zero-latency claims for multiple units proved bogus. But now all my computers need to be upgraded to W10/64, and - once again - no help from Steiney.

FYI; I reached out to tech support to ask when updated drivers would be available. Response from Chris Dobbs:

“I’m sorry but there is not an ETA on when the MR816 driver will be updated, but the Developers are working on it… I believe this should resolve your request, so you may receive a survey. That said, if you are still having the same issue, you can reply to this email and I will be happy to help further.”

Clearly that did not resolve my request. So I wrote back:

Good morning Mr. Dobbs,
I’m afraid this does not resolve my request. The TBD update info is months old. Having been dragged through the multiple unit/direct monitoring issues with the MR816s, I’m really not comfortable with the “we’re working on it”
response. You may recall our several discussions on that topic as well. I need a real commitment as to whether it will happen at all, and if so, a reasonable estimate as to when. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter…"

Chris’ response from today:
“I’m sorry but we do not have any further specifics regarding the MR816 development for Windows 10 beyond my previous statement. My best suggestion for the time being would be to use it on Windows 7 or 8. Thank you.”

Anyone want to start a pool on when W10 drivers for MRs actually become available? I’ll take “never.”

No more Steinberg hardware for me… ever.

They do?

But steiny declared all their product are compatible with win10 didnt they?
Or it was unclear to me and they ment only for products that on production now?