MR816 and Windows 10

No, not the MR816. Not too much of a surprise, since Microsoft has been backing away from FireWire since Windows 8.

But Steinberg does say they’re working on a fix…

I saw now on the knowledge page that it dosnt change the sample rate on win10!! Well thats a bummer… Hope they fix it soon

The MR816x is working good over here with windows 10, the problem with out of sync after changing sample-rate is fixed by Microsoft with an update and now windows 10 is declared supported by SB.

good news, i thought the win10 update only solved the Cubase sync problem !

And this reflects exactly what Steinberg’s is currently officially stating on concerning their software and hardware products.


According to the forum and the knowledge base (its not updated and says mr816 have sync problems with win10) so it wasnt that clear to me…
But good to know it is OK…(didnt try yet though)


I’ve written in this very thread, that it is not ok - at least over here. And I am eagerly waiting for some sort of fix on this matter.


What is the deal with the win 10 drivers?
Steinberg states that the entire product line is win 10 ready, but no new drivers for mr816.
Finding that out was a chore. Still TBA apparently.
I was looking at a 828 and a ur 22 mkii(for my iPad) but I just can’t with this lack of support or even basic communication.
I am hearing loud and clear that I am not important to steinberg

The problem was with microsoft and also fixed by microsoft, that’s the reason (in my opinion) for no new mr816 drivers.

Hi all, I read through this, and I think several are saying that the problem is fixed and it’s safe to upgrade to windows 10, no new MR816 driver needed nor expected. Did I read it right? Thinking about giving it a try.

If it is safe is subjective, it always can go wrong. However Steinberg has finished it’s testing and gave windows 10 it’s approval so yes you can!

I don’t get where this view comes from. AFAIK, officially Steinberg stated only their Sequencer products to be compatible.
This is consistent with what is stated here about Windows OS compatibility. But I do see how the message referenced first can become confusing (the last sentence This is why we can announce Windows 10 an officially supported operating system across the entire Steinberg product line.).

My case might be special, but at least I get regular dropouts with normal audio playback with the very same hardware setup which has been working fine ever since 2009 with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. I’ve also opened up a ticket but haven’t heard back yet. :cry:


Thanks to you both for your replies; QDriver, let us know what you learn with your ticket. I can certainly wait a little longer!

According to Steinberg’s Download page for the MR816 the drivers are for Windows 7,8, and 8.1. No mention of Windows 10, so I assume that the driver is not ready. I can’t test it because I won’t upgrade to 10 until I have drivers.
How hard can it be for Steinberg to let us know if the drivers work in 10 or if they are still TBA?

If you read this then it would seem that you can install win10 and work with it.

That they didn’t update the information on the drivers section is a bit pitty but I can understand that this is easily forgotten.

The fix refers to this
" we are happy to announce that the Windows 10 related performance and timing issues of our sequencer products (Cubase, Nuendo, Sequel) have now been resolved with the latest Windows update"
Nothing about the Mr sample rate switching problem.
I find your position odd. Do you own a Mr816? Have you actually tried your unit under Windows 10?
You seem to just repeat Steinberg’s assertion that everything works when there is no indicated support for the MR816 under Winows 10.
Do you have any information other than what Steinberg states on their web site, which is the source of this confusion?

If you read this then it would seem that you can install win10 and work with it.

First, I note that you don’t have any MR816s listed in your signature block. So why is this a topic you feel compelled to discuss??? Next, as of right now, the section that ACTUALLY APPLIES to MR816s says:

“Issues with sample rate changes. Update planned, release date tba.”

That means it DOES’NT work properly. It STILL doesn’t work properly and Steinberg still refuses to say when (or if!) they will provide an updated driver. I had hoped that with the new W10 update, there would be an announcement that the issue had been resolved. Nope, no such luck. So those of us who purchased MRs remain stuck without working drivers for the most modern version of the worlds most prolific operating system.

The only thing here that is pitiful is Steinberg’s treatment of its hardware customers.

After Steinberg announced the all clear for Windows 10 I did my upgrade from Windows 7. My MR816CX is working just fine.

I don’t have the drop out issues with the MR816csx in combination with W10, but I DO have the sample rate issue.

Wake up call for Steinberg dev. team :unamused:

Same here. My 2 MR816´s are playing nicely with Cubase pro 8 and windows 10.