MR816 and Windows 10

Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver Utility (3.) was the key. After checking all those - and literally every other old times computer voodoo stuff - combinations it is/was changing IEEE1394 Buffer Size from Small [Default] to Large in the end.

I had to do this in Windows 7 after upgrading From Cubase 7.5 to Cubase Pro 8. 8 was unusable with the identical hardware and settings I have used successfully in 7.5. Of course, my system latency increased by doing this, despite the claims of better performance in this version.

Too me this whole issue is totally mysterious.

I’ve never had such problems before upgrading to Windows 10. Yesterday I’ve spent hours to push the latency back to < 1.000µs (DPC Latency Checker as monitor) where it was as I’ve setup this machine back in 2009. I deactivated almost any device driver, stopped every application and program in the task manager and finally booted using the BIOS defaults. The latency stayed completely unchanged. :open_mouth:
Only changing this FW buffer made an audible change to the better (though it was a shot in th edark since both of the “required” conditions weren’t met).

Btw, I haven’t even played with Cubase yet (means any ASIO specific stuff). To me it means, it is FW-releated and therefore could be addressed with the drivers.


Been almost 6 months since this thread started. Still nothing from Steinberg. How’s that for professional customer service… :imp: :imp: :imp:

Really, if you told me that an audio interface company would just totally ignore their existing customer base in this competitive area I wouldn’t believe it. To continue to do so for almost 6 months is beyond the pale. How could anyone buy their products with this track record?
I don’t believe that there will ever be a Windows 10 driver.

Any updates on this? I am wanting to do a clean OS install and am trying to work out whether I should re-install Win 7 or go straight for a clean install of Win 10. I have just found out today that my computer MOBO is Win 10 compatible and so are my other bits of audio hardware, I am just not sure about the MR816 and a Novation MIDI controller I have… The drivers on the MR816 page have WIN 10 listed as a compatible OS but the driver itself is from 2013 so I am not sure how accurate that is.

Can someone please explain to me what the issues to do with the sample rate changing are all about?

Still nothing. Shocked, shocked i say…

hmmm why does their driver from a couple of years ago have Windows 10 as a compatible OS on their download page? :question:

What you are seeing is the firmware for MR816s are W10 compatable (which is actually unknowable), NOT the firewire drivers. People are getting significant audio dropouts and sample rate issues which are both deal killers for users of 816s under W10. Based on how they handled the original zero-latency misrepresentations - telling people the fixes were coming until the statute of limitations ran on false advertising claims, then announcing no fix was coming - I would not be surprised if they wait until one year after they sell their last one to announce no more driver updates. I still can’t get a straight answer from anyone at Steinberg.

Oh wow… Atrocious, and here I was wanting to upgrade with a second interface… I don’t think I will now. What comparable interfaces are on the market now? Something that can be daisy chained properly and is preferably FireWire? Not interested in the RME cause of the price… Is there anything cheaper? Steinberg is literally losing customers…

My first and my last interface with these guys, the support has been crappy for this product

Hey @shanabit. LTNS! Me too. They pulled the same stunt with the Houston a few years ago. I feel really sorry for all those poor fools who bought Nuage consoles…

Anyone suggest any alternatives?

something with 8 mic pres
Good pres
Good drivers that work with windows 10
Something that can be daisy chained

What’s on the market?

Another week without a working Windows 10 driver. Shame on you Steinberg! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

finally i hooked up my MR816 to my win10 laptop (upgraded from win7,although in many ways it’s a downgrade as to user configuration especially,“personalize looks” as far as i can tell).

anyway i downloaded and installed the FW legacy driver,and reinstalled few time MR tools cuz i had problems with “yfwbus” not recognized,but somehow it managed to install :blush: :nerd:

but now all works and i don’t encounter the “sample rate” issues mentioned here. when i change projects with different sample rates Mr816 follows correctly !! or i am missing something ?

Sample rate switching a problem in WDM drivers only. Other have problems with pops clicks etc.using ASIO.
I have a problem with a company not doing what they promise. Happened with multiple units using zero monitoring and now( apparently) with official Windows 10 drivers. Maybe with El Capitan drivers now.
I have never encountered a company that would just refuse to communicate with the owners of their products. It as if any communication with Mr816 in it just goes into some sort of spam folder.

ho i see…

with MR816 steinberg really gone like CIA TOP SECRET underground strategy :unamused: after lot of complains about daisy chained devices not having zero latency finally we got the bad news it won’t work that way.
and other ridiculous thing with MR line is it won’t change sample rate via Adat as slave to other MR via adat(and probably other adat master interfaces)! needs to be connected to FW just to change sample rate.that’s a Badddd workflow!
generally yamaha in my experience is problematic on Fixing stuff and updating firmwares,for example in keyboard department korg always had better support and software upgrades and improvements over yamaha keys even when the product is not that new and probably not so profitable,but thats customer support and trust :neutral_face: :bulb:

about machines upgraded to win10 with MR816 and stutterings,in my experience after upgrading to win10 from win7 i had to redo some tweaks has i had in win7 to eliminate DPC spikes… maybe its one of the issues ?! worth to check

I had an E Mail from support this morning.

“Thank you for contacting the Steinberg support.
I’m very sorry - due to a very high ammount of support inquiries we are receiving at the moment,
we were not able to reply to your support request in a timley manner.

The Windows 10 drivers for the MR 816 should be ready for release next week.

I would like to kindly apologize for the inconvenience.”

Fingers crossed.

I received a similar message from 2 sources at Steinberg this morning. Fingers crossed indeed!

Wow, good news if true, and the drivers work as they should. Fingers crossed here as well. Thanks for the post.