MR816 and windows w/o firewire interface


I just received my brand new HP zBook with win7 x64 os. My only problem that this new model doesn’t have
firewire interface on it while I use MR816. I can see several articles with Thunderbolt-to-forewire adapter for Mac.
But what about windows?
What is the best choice for an adapter? USB3, ExpressCard or Thunderbolt?


Expresscard, since it is a proper bus it will be more or like having a on-board Firewire. Since USB (of any spec) is a software stack is is not usable in real time audio applications for translation work like this. Thunderbolt might work, have not tried it.

Hi Reiknir,
Many thanks for quick answer.

Anyone has tried the Apple thunderbolt-to-firewire adapter with win7? Is it works?