Mr816... Any update soon?

I have been waiting and waiting for an update.

I mean come on, I have a volume nob that I have to adjust in cubase “audio hardware”, so I don’t screw up my output volume to the other channels.

The firewire is touchy to what firewirecontroller it gets attached to

Multible 816 connected to gether… well I won’t even start on that one

I just came here to ask the exact same question about an update addressing the volume control.I was re-amping some di’ed bass and guitars yesterday and was shocked to learn the main volume control affects all the outputs! Please change this or let us know you’re not going to do this as it really affects workflow for a lot of people.It sounds so great and would be perfekt with these couple of feature tweaks people are asking for.Thanks and have a good day


It wont happen… They havent responded to anything in a long time to do with future development… I am over it!


I moved to RME Fireface UFX - problems solved.

Steinberg seems doesn’t care about anything we say here: with my little M-audio firewire device I haven’t any kind of problem and they can’t tell me/us that the problems are on our laptop and graphics cards!
I think I’ll move too…

I’m using my MR into my M-audio Profire 610 va S/PDIF for now.
Really disappointed in the drivers :frowning:

Profire runs perfectly. Yamaha drivers - audio drop outs, blue screens, you name it.
My windows installation got corrupted due to the BSODs!

Yup … the ganged Volume outs are nice if you’ve set up a surround monitor … but for any external FX or such it’s a real pain.

Couldn’t be that hard to tweak…

Are the UR series the same?


I chose to go with a Universal Audio Apollo Quad. A couple of people are going to get my two 816’s really cheap on ebay!