MR816 CSX no longer available?

I was looking for one of these yesterday from a major music dealer and their website indicated that it was no longer available. I checked some other sites and got similar results. Is Steinberg looking to discontinue this unit?

No, Steinberg actually made a post about this a while back.

They stated that dealers not carrying it anymore was mostly due to the MR816X being in the same market space as the CSX. They found it redundant and didn’t want to carry inventory of both. They just updated drivers for the CSX - X actually.

Hey, Thanks! I’m considering getting the MR816 CSX. Are you happy with it? Does it integrate will with C7?

Yes it intergrates very well with Cubase 7…

BUT be weary, if you’re on a Mac like me you’ll possibly find Cubase 7 underwhelming. Performance wise.

Excuse me, I was reading this forum, I have the MR816X and I was having drivers problems in Windows 8, and I was thinking move to a Mac, I would like to know why you say this?

Seems to me that the performance from 6.5 to 7 is worse. Updates have fixed bugs but nothing has really helped performance. I guess that’s what you get when you add features though.

Steinberg have stated Cubase 7 is optimized for PC. Sad that they say this at all, I guess that’s their way of saying we tested on HP and that’s where performance is at it’s best.

Can’t help you on your windows 8 driver issues since I haven’t used C7 with a PC since well never.