MR816 CSX with Pro Tools

I just ordered Pro Tools 10.

Is there any suggestions how to best hook up my two MR816 CSX with Pro Tools?


Might suggest posting this question on a pro tools forum.

After running Pro Tools for 4 months now, there have never been issues with my two MR816 CSX with Pro Tools.
The few times I need to start Nuendo, there is 50/50 chances to run into some kind of trouble (lost my studio setup, can’t find the MR’s, drop outs etc).

Steinberg told me that the FireWire on my Mac caused the dop outs in a middle of a Nuendo session.
I never have these drop outs with Pro Tools, and I’m using the same MR units…

Why do I not run into trouble with Pro Tools?

Don’t have a clue. And I could’nt care less…

It just works :smiley:

Yup, same here not experienced any issues with PT9 or PT10 with MR816 :slight_smile:

I have an issue where mr MR816 unit wont direct monitor…

It is strange because the input level shows and the output meter shows activity in the mr editor but no sound is heard except for playback…

Any clues?


Guys I just purchased PT 10 because clients are requesting it.
Now what is the secret in getting direct monitoring to work on my MR816 devices?

The secret is the open up MR tools by right clicking on the icon in the task bar and use that mixer while recording to monitor your live instruments. Works like a charm.